March 14, 2007

Software I use to make a "backup" of my know just in case.

A couple buddies were asking me what software I use to make backup copies of my DVDs.
Here you go:

DVD Decrypter

DVD Shrink

The links will take you to a site which has download links as well as a great users guide. The developers of both Decrypter and Shrink were forced to stop distribution of their software (no newer versions will be available). Remember only copy DVDs that you own and do not share your DVDs. ;)

update: DVD Rip I heard this software is pretty good too.

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March 5, 2006

How do I spend some of my time online?

Sites I visit everyday

Videos/Pod Casts/Vid Casts
This Week in Tech.TV
revision3 (diggnation/systm/the broken and so on)
Digital Life

Other video sites...not as good as the above ones, IMHO, but worth checking out.
from the shadows

Music related site
OLGA (Guitar tab site)

Just thought I would post a couple links to sites I really enjoy. As you may have noticed, the picture on the top left of your screen is now a little different. For some reason textamerica has been experiencing some technical difficulties. I have chosen to replace the 'last picture taken with my cell phone' with a little java script provided by textamerica. I'm not sure that I really like it, but till they can fix the problems on their side it will have to do.

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October 18, 2005

Movable Type 3.2

Well, I have finally upgraded my blog to Movable Type 3.2.
Kind of a cool install. I recommend a safe way to upgrade to mt 32.php for instructions.

Other then that life has been pretty good.(but a little stressful) I guess it's kind of fun to see how much stress I can take before I crack. I planning on cutting down my caffeine intake as I'm starting to get jittery. Maybe, I should start to exercise more often too.

If only I had more free time....

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