Smoked Eggs
Corn Beef & Cabbage (crock pot)
Smoked Armadillo Eggs & Atomic Buffalo Turd Jalapeno Poppers
Chicken Breast
Easy pulled pork
Corn in a cooler
Easy Pepperoni Rolls
Taylor Alison Harr
Smoked Steak
Smoked Chicken Wings
Corn Husk Sausages
Baby Boy or Girl? :)
Our big announcement!
Todd Wilbur's BBQ Sauce (plus cayenne)
Turkey Breast
Baby back ribs (simple way to smoke them)
Birthday thoughts (click on image for larger view)
Thank you Google's cache and!
More old stuff (trying to restore my blog)
Old stuff (trying to restore my blog)
Thank you lifehacker
Day blah i'm home now...ugh
Day 2
Day 1
Im going going, back back, to cali cali
diggNATION live from St. Louis
LIVE Diggnation taping!
Offer accepted!
Christmas travel
Sarah's Random Question Game (dang you Sarah Lane)
Googles best new app
Ah the green M&M's
loose lips sink ships
So many problems to crack
CHEEKS beer garden to go smoke free!?
mold doesn't seem to bother me.. odd
Thoughts on London trip
Trains and bad wifi
And the adventure begins
Leaving the Country....
1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411)
Vonage, a little too easy
Lunch = Dinner & Dinner = Supper
Software I use to make a "backup" of my know just in case.
Gangsta Mail
laser rocket arm
iTunes ----> myTunes
Current ring tone - Dean Martin ain't that a kick in the head
Textamerica...... :(
A little (Christmas) help here
Black Friday
Luck be a lady tonight
Can someone tell me when the Cubs play, I can't seem to find them on the television
lame? maybe, let's find out
Roller Coaster
For I am sick again, just plain sick to death. Of the sound of my own voice.
digg it
Aaarrrgh, its driving me nuts
And one day later...
Is AOL crazy?
Lost and....
So what is the real story?
The radio was playing, Desmond Dekker was singing
I don't like Mondays, but they seem to come around anyways
Staring at some tube emitting cathode rays
One month later and,
How do I spend some of my time online?
Although it's amusing, it's slightly confusing
Now I aint sayin she a gold digger
Not even dinner first...
World Champion Steelers defeat Seahawks 21 - 10 in Super Bowl XL
Here we go Steelers, here we go!
we will prevail
quiet day
World's easiest install
Merry Christmas!
Here we go again...
One short nap later
Cause I'm Mr. Brightside?
3 entries in one month?
Movable Type 3.2
From this past Sundays paper, printed in my old high school town.
Y98, Courtney Jaye, and Hootie
Hummm, once again
Happy Birthday to...ME!
Looking for Lucky
War of the worlds....